Māori commitment to long-term retention of their whenua (land) fits well within the vision of the Māori Carbon Foundation.   MCF engages with iwi, hapu and private landowners throughout the country to offer them the opportunity to gain the significant long-term benefits of planting trees for the carbon market.

The difference between the Māori Carbon Foundation (MCF) and other entities promoting carbon planting deals is that MCF is willing to undertake profit share arrangements with landowners to ensure that returns from carbon planting on their land are sustainable, long term and considerable.

As Māori we take the long-term view.   We want to encourage landowners to think about the sustainability of their land holdings and to receive the long term benefits that come from the forecast growth in carbon credits which results from emitters in New Zealand and the world seeking to fulfil their emissions reduction obligations.

“We are also keen for rural and provincial communities to extract maximum benefit from extensive permanent forest planting in terms of employment, injection of resources into local communities and the long term financial benefits reaped by local landowners,” he said.