Core objectives

What we do

Our core objective is to grow intergenerational value by providing returns to landowners, delivering an asset to the landowner with significant long term value.   We do this by planting trees to sequester carbon credits, creating jobs and investing and improving wellbeing in Regional New Zealand.

How it works

The establishment of the Māori Carbon Foundation provides new options for owners of rural, marginal and erosion prone land throughout New Zealand to achieve long term returns from participating in the carbon mitigation economy.   The establishment of the Māori Carbon Foundation is a significant step in achieving the Government’s objective of planting one billion trees to help meet New Zealand’s emission reduction targets.

MCF offers carbon planting solutions to all landowners, and we are particularly excited about the economic and social benefits that are offered to Maori landowners from participating in the MCF planting programme.

MCF meets individually with landowners to discuss their land holdings, talk about how much of those holdings are likely to be eligible for planting under the ETS and put a tailored programme in place to plant fast growing trees to generate carbon credits which are shared with the landowner on a 50/50 profit share basis.

The landowner does not have to meet the costs of planting, but must agree to look after the land and not use it for any purpose that would detract from the tree growth.  An example of an activity that would fit well within the programme would be developing a manuka honey plantation.

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